Why choose Academic Saviors?

Academic Saviors is a full service dissertation and scholarly editing firm. We can take our clients through every step of the process. Topic Selection, Literature Review, Methodology, Analysis, and even Defense Prep are all services we offer our clients. We do this in a discrete manner, bound by our Non-Disclosure Agreement. We do quantitative and qualitative work with equal ease and excellence. Our staff is full of PhDs in a variety of fields
  • PhD staff with years of experience
  • Students graduate earlier thus saving money
  • Approval is guaranteed and revisions are free

10+ Years Experience

Our PhD editors have a combined 20+ years of editing experience.

Saves Money

Our firm prides ourselves in competitive pricing. In addition, our clients actually save money by reducing the paid tuition.

Risk Free

With our approval guarantee and free revisions, the client has no risk. A clear path to graduation will be provided.

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For a free consultation on all dissertation issues, please call us at any time.

How this works?

Call us to talk to consultant
The first step is setting up your goal – Discuss your needs with us so that we can give you a quote.

Hire us.
Second step – We work with you, providing as much aid as required.

Work with us until approval
We understand how schools operate and string along their students, just to increase their own profits. Academic Saviors is experienced and will hold your hand through-out the process.

Your dissertation or thesis is accepted and you graduate !